Who we are / structure / work together

Who we are

Food Shift is a loosely coupled network of individuals and projects. If you feel the subjects being discussed here resonate with you and you would like to contribute, please consider joining, there is no “membership fee” (but we welcome fiancial backers and supporters of the project to keep running and growing Food Shift).

Food Shift was started by @zaunders, @murkas and @kristofer late spring 2019. The trio is currently making up the the core team, acting as founders, coordinating the building of the Food Shift foundations as well as maintaining some support functions.

Are there any other roles or responsibilities? Not so far, let’s see where this thing takes us.

How we are structured

We currently only have a core support group that is primarily focused on keeping the network infrastructure running and enabling conversation. The core group have been formulating the needs, purpose and principles for the Food Shift network as it is right now.

In this early stage we decided that we would simply see what other people join in these conversations and that if and when we feel that there are more people that seem to want to join these core functions, then we would invite them to be a part of the core group.

We have been considering using more formalized organisational structures like Sociocracy, but for the time being, we feel that we are not facing a lot of hard decisions and will keep the structure to a minimum in order to be able to focus on networking and getting people involved and learning.

There is an intention to keep Food Shift as a networking, collective learning and mutual support space. Our ambition is that groups will form within Food Shift or that groups will come to Food Shift from the outside and create Workspaces here where we can all help further our different projects. But, we don’t intend for Food Shift to become an organisation in itself that is going to be running projects, at least not a legal entity. The OpenCollective could possibly become a space where projects can manage funding and we have some exciting ideas about how to integrate open funding mechanisms to projects that you will be able to find out more about in time.

So we invite groups to come and create workspaces here for projects that they are undertaking that are in some way connected to shifting food systems into more regenerative relationships. We also very much welcome ideas so that we can use collective intelligence to refine these and create many new initiatives in the fields.

How we work together

We strive to be an “open source” network, focusing on the key elements of transparency, collaboration and participation.

Functions that we are looking to work through include:

  • Podcasting
  • Blogging and learning journeys (using our growing media library)
  • Physical un-conferences
  • Hackathons
  • Ideas nursery for nurturing new ideas
  • Growing into new terrain - creating joint explorations into new areas of practice and learning

One of our main goals with the network is to explore & learn, we hope to create and support:

  • Collective intelligence
  • Strategy
  • Mapmaking
  • Research

Another pillar of Food Shift is mutual support. Some support is simply happening through the collective strengthening of ideas and the creation of new relationships through conversation. However, we also intend to integrate projects on who to create value flow structures and resource sharing networks to accompany more cognative part that is this forum.

We want to enable lots of networking

  • Match-making in different senses. Projects, people, resources, activities and more
  • Meetings
    • un-conferences
    • hackathons
    • learning labs

How we work is very much informed by our stated Needs & Purpose as well as our Principles.

We have a space for Improvements that is meant to collect all the things that can make this community and forum work better.

We also have our Open Collective to collect and distribute funds through the network.

Handbook – Table of Contents

I think it makes sense how Enspiral divides it into Members and Contributors.

As a contributor you might help with a thing or two here and there but you don’t have the authority to make decisions that will mostly affect the members and their work flow.

Sharing costs is something we should definitely talk about:) Also applying for money and how we divide that.

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På nästa möte borde vi snacka om roller och ansvarsområden. Hur ser vi på dessa? Hur tydliggör vi de områden som finns och skapar transparens kring hur roller och ansvarsområden hanteras?

Först läste jag denna:


… och tänkte att vi kanske kan klara oss utan roller och ansvar. Att vi kanske inte behöver en core-cirkel alls.

Och sen läste jag här:


… och insåg att vi inte kan komma bort från ansvarsroller helt. Vissa funktioner för att koordinera och organisera oss är önskvärda för att ge arbetet lite riktning. Någon slags “servant leadership” och spindelninätet-funktion.

Exempel på ansvarsområden eller roller vi inte kommer ifrån: Endast “core contributors” kan godkänna kvitton på Open Collective. Det är inte praktiskt möjligt att låta alla i nätverket vara “core contributors”. Eller, rättare sagt, det är såklart praktiskt möjligt men skulle i sin tur innebära en administrativ roll som ingen vill ta. Godkänna kvitton som läggs upp på Open Collective - är det ett ansvarsområde? En roll? Ett ansvarsområde som är en del av en roll? (Ekonomiansvarig?). Hur gör vi det transparent vem som innehar rollen eller ansvaret? Om jag vill ta över den rollen, hur gör jag då? Och så vidare.

For reference, old topics discussing structure and how to work together: