Topic template for the Ideas nurturing category

Based on S3 organisational drivers, see below:

First draft of a template. A better example needs to be provided

Idea description / driver

What is the reasoning behind this idea, what’s happening, what’s needed? Is there a problem to be solved? Where do we start?

Replace this template with a desciption of the idea. The Sociocracy concept of “Drivers” is a good starting point.

A simple way to describe a driver is by explaining:

What’s happening…:

  • the current situation
  • the effect of this situation on the organization

…and what’s needed:

  • the need of the organization in relation to this situation
  • the impact of attending to that need

Create a brief but comprehensive summary containing just enough information to clearly communicate the need for an action or a decision.

Description of the drivers concept: Describe Organizational Drivers


The kitchen is a mess: there are no clean cups, the sink is full of dishes and it’s not possible to quickly grab a coffee and get right back to work. We need the kitchen in a usable state so we can stay focused on our work.