Shiro design workshop #1 - Platform architecture

It is time to get some Shiro prototype dev work going! Me and @zaunders discussed doing an inventory module as a first test case. But before we dig into that we would like to do some modelling of the Shiro platform architecture.

Shiro is an open application platform for local food systems. A local food commons if you will. In order to build a commons you need three components:
:taco: A common resource: local food!
:couple: A community: producers, consumers, consumer-producers, neighbours, friends …
:space_invader: A protocol: Shiro/REA/Holochain

We would like a multitude of apps to be able to interface with the local food commons and interact with each other. The shared platform that Shiro provides, what parts does it consist of?

Let’s do a modelling session with the purpose of defining some of the core components of the platform, some candidates being:

User handling, authentication, permissions, payments, transaction fees, community budget pools and voting, member management, encryption, personal data integrity, common REA vocabularies, app building blocks / UI components, etc.

After the session we should have a rough diagram ready and short descriptions of each component.

:calendar: Wednesday, February 3
:clock930: 08:30-10:00 CET


This is going to be fun!

Edit: Date and time set, see above.

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