Shiro - A food based mutual support network

What sort of software support is needed to support regenerative practitioners and help transcend some of the “free-market” barriers of normal food supply systems. Where can collaborative, collective cooperation with software help us increase the flows of regeneration.

here is an early and editable sketch for areas that could be explored to build for:

What would we like to work on, what to collaborate with more people on, what could be left completely to others for later integration?

I have continued working on a description of this idea for a project here:

It also is worth noting that this idea/project is a parallell endevour that supplements our efforts with this:

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This is amazing stuff!

Add to this some great open source software to manage your community garden irrigation robots - software that is open source and developed in a friendly community:


Yup, would be fun to get som real prototyping and development going soon!

There are some more (unstructured) information in our workspace on Notion -

Yeah! Tim has been following Holochain for a while too right @Tim_Sandgren?

HoloREA and RegenAg FT(non-rivalrous)W :slight_smile:

Yes, I have been impressed by the work of Art Brook and the others for several years.

Over the years I have also had lots of contact with Lynn, Bob and Pospi who are developing the HoloREA software, and also with the Sensorica network in general.

RegenAG looks like a great network, I wrote to the Growsense people about that.

Is anyone trying their biofertilizer in Sweden yet?

The biofertilizer, is that something you make yourself? Like a compost tea? Joseph Carey at 59 Degrees maybe does something similar.

I just meant regenerative agriculture in general :slight_smile: I haven’t looked much into RegenAG the organization

I just read on their website that they have a recipe for a fertilizer - basically a very very fermented tea…

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Had a conversation with Kamal from BASYN today that is working with how to build an REA based Holochain support system for an anaerobic digestion business. Possibly compatible with Shiro and a good collaborator:


Screenshots of the Order together prototype. Walkthrough video here:

1 Home screen

1.1 FAQ

1.2 Vocabulary

2 My pages

2.1 My Share of the order

2.2a Add products to your order

2.2b Add product

3 List of products

4 Reports

4.1 Check for full packages

4.2 Totals per product

4.3 Totals per buyer

4.4 Full Order details

  1. Backend

5.1 Suppliers

5.2 Product

5.3 Orders

5.3.1 Order Item

5.3.2 Order Summary

5.4 Users

5.5 Misc

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