Repurposing of old unused retail and office space

I just found this group and for over a year as I see malls becoming empty everywhere, I always ask. How can we repurpose this space to benefit the community? I did not have that answer until I found this group just now. I believe these spaces could be converted into indoor urban grow spots everywhere.

Hey Shaner,

Right, yes, I think there are many many possibilities for repurposing for healthy regenerative production.

Quick and profitable indoor production that can be started in these abandoned boxes could be microgreens and mushroom production. Both can be year round on relatively small investments.

Other things that might be useful are plant nurseries and a whole host of fermentation and value added processes that might be able to take produce from surrounding farmers and make it into high-quality, nutrient dense, shelf stable products.

Also mixing it with social spaces in order to create food based relationship, could be super useful.

Is there anything in particular you are thinking about?