Project Kitchen #3 - Mushrooms & Fungi

Lets have a conversation around Fungi! Are you or would you like to grow mushrooms or mycelium? What are your interests and questions right now and is there something you are excited to share with other fungofiles?

What’s a project kitchen? It’s something we’ve borrowed from Enspiral and explaned like this:

“The format brings together a small number of people who have projects they would like assistance with and puts one project at a time under the spotlight for around 25 minutes. Generally 3-4 projects can be covered in a 2-hour Kitchen. A Chef facilitates; with the role of creating an atmosphere of trust, keeping things rolling, and avoiding wasting time through the process.”

This seminar might be in english as we hope to have at least one international speaker in the group. I will facilitate the event. Please mark going if you want to come and grab one of 5 seats!