Ode to water

Planet Earth is Planet Water
water is a primary factor for much life here
even as we scour the stars we say
there might be water
there might be life

Perhaps more than ever
we need to put our attention to water
water is the universal solvent for things non-organic
it breaks down rock and corrodes metal

But for life it is a stabalizer
it is essential for the stability of living systems
and we are often chasing it away

Many of the crisis and threats we face
are threats of destabilized water

Food shortages come out of droughts and floods
both results of the reduced ability of the land
to welcome the water

Even the rising temperature of the planet
is most hostile when water is abscent

The earth like us can breath and sweat
trees transpiring to absorb heat
and push it out of the body of earth

As the sun warms the ground
where there are trees and other plants
they transpire liquid water into a gas
absorb massive amounts of heat into thermal updrafts
sending it irridiating out of the stratosphere
sucking in air under them from colder regions like the oceans

If earths organs are flowing with water
earth can cool down

Trees came on the scene long ago and they play many parts
collaborating with other species to welcome the water

All cells are mostly water
it is essensial for beings on earth
so all that make it available
are welcomed into the community of life here

Bacteria, long ago, started contributing to this shared abundance
flowing through the trees and riding the transpiration
into the sky
where they become nuclei
tiny anchors that allows water vapor to coalesce
and come down in a flow of rain drops

Abscent these allies
rain will not form in lower altitudes as much
and so less rain is available
for us creatures on land

Trees and bacteria joined forces
to welcome more rain
more life
onto the surface of the earth

Once rain lands on living land
it can be invited to stay

Soils that are teeming with life
bacteria and fungal mats intact
will hold it

non-permiable surfaces will turn it away
all of it at once
wreaking havoc with floods
as water accumulates down hill

Let us partner with fellow species
and slow, spread and sink water

let us welcome
more fungi to move it around
more trees to circulate it up
more bacteria to help it come back down

Perhaps then the planet can breath and sweat again
we can exhale sighs of relief
sitting with water