Learning Lab: Water

There is an idea around creating a Learning Lab together with Digidem Lab och CivicTech Sweden.

We have been talking about having a learning event in Gothenburg at Digidem where we would invite people with varying talents and interests to engage in an exploration around the importance of water in our ecosystems.

Some of the things we would like to look at are:

  • Using GIS and mapping data to create possiblities for water retention projects on a watershed level
  • Exploration around the impacts of water on our food systems, how can we avoid droughts and floods by organizing locally?
  • What is waters role in regulating temperature? Both locally and in a global context?
  • From the learning we have done, what kind of media could be created to share our new understandings?

So far I have been discussing this with Petter at Digidem and we have been thinking about having something take place sometime in October.

Actions to take this forward:

  • Petter is looking into possibilites of utalizing the space (back from vacation in August)
  • Viktor is looking at what an invitation could look like and possibly creating a 5 min pitch video for the event

Some of the networks that could be invited to the event include:

  • Omställning Sverige?
  • Nätverket för Regenerativt Jordbruk?
  • LRF?
  • is there a GIS community?
  • Ridgedale? - seminar on water planning and infiltration?
  • …


  • Venue (probably digidem)
  • Food (possibly funded by digidem)
  • Invitation materials
  • GIS maps (get from lantmäteriet)

@zaunders is currently nursing this idea

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Great idéa and important issues!
I have two questions; how to Digidem Lab och CivicTech Sweden relate to this? What could they bring to the table? And for who is this lab? Is it mainly for raising the issue and to gain/share knowledge from people invited? I’m thinking of where this lab would be of most use, to farmers working with the land, planners in municipalities, organizations working with land/farming? Any thoughts?