How do we organise?

Is there a structure?

Are there working groups?

A top down pyramid? Is someone the boss?

Is there areas of responsibilities?

I’ve been thinking about whether it makes sense to have different areas of practice. There are functional groupings that make sense for me but I am not sure that they fit with what people want to do.

Just to start, I think that organizing with a view that learning and eduction be a core part of any area. Like Buckminister Fuller was reported saying here: humans are learning creatures so the largest industry in the coming centuries should be eduction. Basically, farming farmers too.

Anyway here is some food for thought.

Here are some areas of practice that I have been thinking about:

Genetic materials
inlcluding work on:

  • Seeds
  • starts
  • perennials
  • animals

Area of practice that focuses on supplying regenerativ agriculture practitioners with the species they need in order to create productive and diverse systems. Can also provide for hobbyists as well as facilitating non-economic sharing networks (like seed sharing)

Design and implementation of land and water systems:
Including work on:

  • Permaculture and keyline design of land
  • Irrigation systems (including materials)
  • Pond building (knowledge and execution)
  • Keyline Plowing
  • Starting work with rain-making bacteria (sue)
  • Biochar and compost tea for water retention

Soil regeneration
including work with:

  • Composting
  • Compost tea
  • Biochar
  • fish hydrolysate / biofertalizers
  • woodchips / mycoremediation

Financing operations

  • New initative financing
  • Land contacting / purchasing
  • Collective ownership and Valueflow modelling


  • Food transport and materials circulation
  • Access and setup of processing facilities

Digital Coordination

  • Planning tool for production
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Collective sensemaking and development

Regenerative Cousine

  • New foods introduction to society
  • Restaurant/Chef shifting to regenration

Production based areas of practice like
Market gardening
HM Grazing
Ocean Farming

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