Halophytes, salt-loving plants. A massively big thing?

Hazel henderson came back into my view from this Podcast that @kristofer shared we me and the other participants in the meet & greet yesterday:

From that podcast I picked up that Hazel and NASA Chief Scientist had made this program around salt-water plant growing which I thought was fascinating:

I’ve been listening to people like Brian von Herzen on the massive possibilities of growing kelp and macro algie:

but to grow salt-loving plants on desertified and costal land irrigated by seawater seems like a another fundamental leap to me. Who else have been looking into this? Do you know of trials to share?

Yes, Hazel, what a woman! A true changemaker and veritable quote machine. Here are some of the better ones from the podcast:

We have a stupid belief in money! Money is just one sort of information. Money isn’t real at all, it is just a tracking system!

You better sell your stock in meat companies before you loose your shirt!

[We need to] steer society away from the GDP and the seven deadly sins toward the SDGs and the golden rule.

A salt loving plant she mentions is Salacornia. Super tasty, in Swedish called Glasört or Sjökorall. Restaurants pay good money for that one.


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David Appelgren has done trials on Quinoa i Sweden. Let’s try to persuade him to do an online seminar?