Food Shift Labour Day 👶

Welcome to the Food Shift Labour Day :baby: :cake:

@zaunders has agreed to host the Food Shift birthing ceremony in his Markaryd finca. YOU ARE INVITED!

Date: 1/5 – 2/5
Time: We start as soon as everyone gets there and finish when the last one leaves, probably early afternoon 2/5.
Place: House in the woods, Markaryd

Let’s get together and find out what Food Shift is and how we move forward together!

Rough plan

Work: Set Minimum Viable Structure, Need, Purpose & Principles
Play: Celebrate the birth of Food Shift, get to know each other


Reply to this thread if you want to attend.

Prep work

Let’s prepare as best we can before we meet. Some topics are open for discussion here:

How do we work together?
What is our purpose?
How do we organise?
What people should be involved?

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Time and location input:
Time: I am open to having it these dates, but am only available between the 29th (monday) and the 2nd (thursday), we are celebrating my parents 75th that weekend and leave friday morning. During these days I would be open to both one and two days, so long as I am back by Friday morning.

One possible location we could be is our house in the woods which has beds for 18 people, located here, one possible drawback is the current sketchy reception in those woods, fiber is on the way but no steady internet connection there yet (could be both good and bad).

I am open to traveling to other places for meeting too.

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I’ll be there! Getting picked ut at Jönköping at 10 on the 1:st by @kristofer I hope.

Any other topics other that the ones mentioned in the beginning of this thread?

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