Core team


The Core Team is currently acting as founders, coordinating the building of the Food Shift foundations as well as maintaining some support functions.

The Core team also takes on the responsibility of acting as Catalysts for the network.

When the foundations are in place and the network has grown a bit, it is the intention of the the core team to pass on the baton to the community and only retain responsibility for some core support functions.

Food Shift foundations

We are working to put a "minimum viable organisation" into place. This consists of (among other things):

  • Defining our needs and purpose. What is the reason to our existence? What challenges and opportunities are we facing? Why is it important that we do this work?
  • What principles to we abide by? Principles that guide how we communicate, how we treat each other, etc.
  • Structure and people. Is there a structure? In that case, what kind of structure? How do we engage other people? Are there any roles and responsibilities? How do we avoid the tyranny of structurelessness without putting a to rigid framework into place?
  • How do we manage money? How do we make decisions?
  • … See the Handbook for more details.

Support functions

The Core Team maintains the infrastructure that keeps the network running.

Software systems:



Current members: @murkas, @zaunders, @kristofer

How do you become a member of the core team? A clear process for that is not in place yet, we intend to define that together with the community. Until then, please comment on the work the core team is doing, and reach out to us with ideas, feedback etc. We prioritise participation over commitment and also try to work out loud in this forum.


We post meetings notes, etc in the :file_folder: Core Team Workspace here on

We track our work on the Improvements Board.

Communicate with us! Get involved, post comments on the Improvements board. Or, contact us directly on Slack :slack: #core-team.

Handbook – Table of Contents