About Food Shift

Food Shift is an open collective nourishing and connecting people, projects and organisations in emerging regenerative food systems.

We believe that cutting down on carbon emissions doesn’t cut it. Doing less bad is not enough, we have to start making good! That is at the core of the notion of a regenerative food system . Regenerate, recreate, rebuild what has been lost. Create more than we consume. Restore the damage that has been done to earth. Rebuild and regenerate our connection to place, to soil and to each other. Move away from economies of extraction to co-created economies of shared value. Built on trust, community and sense of belonging.

Food Shift wants to accelerate this transition and play a vital role in enabling new ecosystems.

We are currently in the process of setting the foundations to the network. Some pieces are still missing… and probably always will. Feel free to join the discussion!

What do we envision the daily practice of the network will be?

  • Networking, for starters. Connecting with people and projects all across the food system
  • Strengthening our collective sense making and meaning making
  • Exploring, learning, mapping, sharing knowledge
  • Nurture ideas and projects
  • Real world events - conferences
  • Mutual support, both on a personal to person and project to project level
  • Inspiring others
    • Blog, video?
    • Public discussions

… these are early days for Food Shift, let’s build this thing together!

More reading

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