A Shiro update

Shiro is an idea that has been bubbling under the surface for quite some time now. A while ago @zaunders wrote about the project here: Shiro – A Food Based Mutual Support Network.

Now we feel the time is right for next steps. The Holochain application platform is maturing at an impressive pace, the community is vibrant and growing by the day. The notion of platform cooperatives is attracting more and more interest as it becomes increasingly obvious that current platform companies does not represent the solution but rather add to problems of inequality, extraction, wealth concentration, etc.

Below is the general idea. In January we will begin prototyping and developing. If the Shiro ideas resonate wit you please comment this post to find out how you can get involved.

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Shiro is a local first supply chain network on a mission to create thriving regenerative food systems

Shiro is a multi stakeholder platform cooperative – open source, owned and managed by all active participants from local consumers to regional wholesalers.

Shiro moves beyond food as a commodity and people as consumers. Participation on the platform means an active food citizenship to support the development of a democratic, socially and economically just, and environmentally regenerative food system.

We envision a platform that allows for many local initiatives to link up and become truly an ecosystem that supports regenerative development.

Shiro builds a new food system from the bottom up, not top down

Local first, that is our focus! Then region and city. After that national and international where possible.

It’s about scaling out, not scaling up! It’s about rejuvenating communities and creating thousands of jobs in thousands of small coops and companies. Let’s eliminate middlemen to achieve affordable food for consumers and increased profitability for producers. The vision with Shiro is a local economy where value is circulated rather than extracted, where locally created value stays local!

Shiro bridges the gap between producers and consumers

There is gap in local food systems, a gap between producers and consumers, between supply and demand.

Producers find it difficult to make ends meet

  • Selling online is complicated and not well suited to food products
  • Running an on farm store takes time, costs money, requires marketing, etc
  • Chain grocery stores rather not work with small producers
  • Local produce markets, direct restaurant sales, CSA programs, they all have advantages but also major drawbacks.

Consumers would like to choose local products more but often ends up visiting the chain grocery store out of time constraints, convenience etc.

With Shiro we want to bridge the gap between producers and consumers, enabling new streams of products and services within the food system. We want to move away from centralised economies of extraction to co-created economies of shared value. Built on trust, community and sense of belonging.

Shiro connects supply and demand and matches existing offers with consumer needs and wants. When value is unlocked it stimulates creation of new business models through a virtuous cycle of supply/demand discovery and co-creation.

A multi sided matching engine at the core

Shiro uses ValueFlows and REA, models for distributed economic networks where resources flow from agent to agent via events. Objects such as resources, events, agents, proposals, intentions, actions, commitments and processes can be combined in novel configurations to facilitate a multitude of business scenarios.

Agents in our network are the consumers, the producers, food hubs of different kinds as well as everyone involved in the logistics that lets the ecosystem thrive.

Shiro will support new business models as well as established:

  • Direct sales (store, webshop)
  • Community Suppported Agriculture (subscriptions)
  • Buyers clubs (group ordering)
  • Pre-ordering
  • Etc.

Built on Holochain, the next generation application platform

Holochain is an open-source development framework and networking protocol. It allows for truly serverless applications with high levels of security, reliability, and performance. Holochain is modular, resilient and encrypted by design, handles value and transactions securely like a blockchain but without the scaling issues.

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This incredible! Awesome to see the progress being made on the project. I worked on similar concepts during my thesis in interaction design, even had a conversation with Viktor about it. If your team needs support in prototyping and or user testing the solution please let me know. I also conducted my own research on the topic about food citizenship and mutualism as tools for a more resilient food system during my thesis that I would be happy to share.



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Yes, yes, and yes. :slight_smile: Let’s schedule a call sometime soon. I’ll dm you time suggestions.

@zaunders possibly would like to join in as well?

I’m totally down to join! And mostly pretty flexible!

It would be great to have a call and I am also quite flexible with the time.